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Release That Sore, Stiff and Restricted Body

Find out why old rib injuries can be linked to sinus issues! 

Yes! sinus issues! 

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•  Heavy  •  Jarred  •  Frozen  •  Tight  •  Out of Balance  • 

•  Pins & Needles  •  Tension  •  Spasms  •  Tingling  •

•  Aching  •  Mis-aligned  •  Low energy  •  Stiff  •

•  Loss of movement  •  Restricted  •  Sore Muscles  • 

•  Numb... • 


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The Missing Link

The Flinchlock® Release Method, it’s like ‘the missing link’ - a new and very successful way to treat past injuries that simply won’t go away 

Founded on the theory that if our bones, which are covered with a fine sheath-like film called the periosteum, experience a sudden, unexpected impact injury, this ‘bone skin’ contracts in on itself causing what we call a ‘Flinchlock® to protect the bone.  

Unable to be released by itself, the area becomes heavy and constricted, other areas have to pick up the load, shifting and changing to a new way of balancing, as in walking, lifting, sleeping, eating etc - even if you can’t remember an impact injury the Flinchlock® Release Method can find it

Trained in the Flinchlock® Release Method,  I have 7 years experience of finding impact pressure and 

applying a specific method to release the contraction, which then allows the body to return 

to a balanced state, reducing your pain and discomfort.


This process is painless and does not require nor use any manipulation. 


Some common issues treated:

Impact Injuries  •  Headaches/Migraines  •  Depression  •  Co-ordination Problems 

Pain Related Behaviours  Cranial Tension  •  Post-op Rehabilitation  •  Breathing Disorders  Carpal Tunnel  •  Mental/Emotional Shock




60 mins




30 mins



“If it’s got a skeleton I can work with it”


Animals can’t tell us what is wrong with them - or can they?


 Sessions with animals are exactly the same as with humans, but 

the approach is influenced by observation, reactions, 

owners feedback and the animals history

Some common pet issues treated


Restricted movements  •  Back and leg problems   Anti-social behaviour •  Historical abuse issues

Horses  •  Cats  •  Cattle  •  Dogs  •  Birds




30 mins




60 mins