Bioptron Light

Nobel Prize-winning Technology 


The Bioptron device uses polarised light, and no ultraviolet (UV) radiation. 

A safe & effective treatment with a wide range of applications for your health and well-being.   BIOPTRON Light stimulates the immune system for faster, more effective healing and recovery

Use independent of, or in parallel with other medical treatments.  

You may wish to consult with your GP regarding whether other treatment

is necessary, before starting light therapy, individual results may vary.

Sessions can be undertaken at the clinic or in your home.   

Bioptron Light Treatment (Max 10 mins exposure per site treated) $30/session

(Initial session may take up to 30 mins inclusive of assessment and set-up) 

Recommended daily for best results. Prepay for 5 sessions and receive the 6th treatment FREE


The device can be used to assist with a range of conditions including:

•    wound healing

•    post-op

•    burns

•    grafts

•    ulcers

•    arthritis

•    low back pain, shoulder,

     neck, carpal tunnel, scar tissue,


•    muscle spasm, sprains, strains,

     tendonitis, ligament and

     muscle tears, tennis elbow,

     sports injuries

•    psoriasis

•    atopic dermatitis

•    herpes

•    acne


•    wounds

•    pain

Works for all ages, and animals too

One-off sessions $30 : Discount for multi-sessions