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ACCESS Consciousness - 'Body Processes'


How It Works

Most of us are walking around with no connection to our bodies, we gave that up in childhood when we knew what we wanted to eat, drink and when to sleep.. but no one let us!


Ask Questions

You can start to develop a relationship with your body by asking questions about everything that concerns your body: Body, what would you like to eat? What movement would you like to do for fun? What would you like to wear?

Which Process do I need?

To pick a body process simply ask “What process would facilitate the greatest ease, possibility and communion for my body”, or I can ask for you.. and, what is even more amazing is that you can run more than one process at a time: your body knows what it requires and what it can receive.

When it comes to health and wellbeing, for example re back pain: Body, what will it take to change this? According to ACCESS, pain is a result of what you resist, it is an intensity your body is trying to give you information about that you don't want to have. Be willing to have that..

Animal Treatments

These processes also work well on animals as they are so willing to give up their fixed points of view to feel good!

Always ask the body!

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